Jen (ylla) wrote,

December stats

Definitely mixed results on last year's resolutions.

I ended up playing the fiddle on 299 days, simply because I forgot on Hogmanay, which is a bit silly.

Walking was more successful - I went easily over the thousand (1717.6 miles, although that number is not nearly as exact as it pretends to be), and also managed at least a mile every day and 100 miles every month, which are harder. Best month April with 250.4 miles, worst May with 100.3 - I think that was just reaction, as generally the lowest months are the winter ones! I never really got round to posting in the facebook groups, though, and haven't done very well at keeping walk reports up to date, although I get there in the end.

My blog post total isn't too bad, but I certainly haven't written them at a rate of one a week...

Anyway, December:

Miles walked: 156
Fiddle days: 23/25
Blog posts made: 3/5 (Collingwood Society – The Boats that Collingwood knew, Siegestor, Munich, Nelson Gate, Sproxton)
AoS books read: Started one about the Mauritius campaign given to me years and year ago (I think I must have been reading something else earlier in the month, but I can't remember).
Fic written: None
Decent walks gone on: Two trips along the Forth and Clyde Canal - from Kilsyth to Stockingfield Junction in Glasgow, and then from the basin at Port Dundas to the end at Bowling. A little one at Helmsley, then along the coast from Filey to Flamborough, and from Flamborough to Bridlington.
Walk reports written: None
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