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Tonight I accidentally remembered to watch some of bbc 2's gaelic television (I'm always out on Thursdays, and I never remember to tape it, because I don't seem to have any tapes).
Well, not so much remembered, as happened to be channel flicking at the point when An Cuiltheann was just coming on, and decided to watch it.
It was good, and they talked to Calum MacDonald from Runrig :)
And they also had poetry from one of my favourite poets, so I was happy :)

Then I watched Eòrpa because it was on, and I haven't for ages. I've always found it quite interesting.
Very early on when Eòrpa first started they used to leave people talking in their own languages and subtitle it all in Gaelic, which was cool. Then they decided that it all had to be accessible to English speakers (which is good, generally), and now they translate the speakers into Gaelic and subtitle it in English. But I'm sure that originally they used to subtitle English speakers in Gaelic, and they don't translate them now, which I think is a pity ;)
It's odd how strange a government official speaking English jargon can sound when you've been listening to Gaelic for a while...
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