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I decided that I should do something better with my free Thursday nights than just complain about there being no dancing in them.

So... last Thursday I went to see Lost in Translation.

The cinema I went to is very odd - I'd never been there before. Instead of being large, it's excessively tall, and all the screens are way up on high floors. So you go up and up and up about a dozen silent, blue-lit escalators, with a glass wall on one side and featureless landings on the other, way up above anything else you can see (except maybe the tower blocks). Very surreal.

The film was good - nothing much seemed to happen in it, but I enjoyed it :)
(I usually only ever get round to going to the pictures when someone tells me I'm going with them, and that's always for things like the Matrix or Star Trek films ;)
No one ever told me I was going to see the two towers or ROTK with them, which is why I never did...)

Anyway, I don't have a plan for tonight yet. Please help :)
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