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Today, after getting up (eventually) and sitting in the conservatory with the papers for a while, I went to the Royal Botanic Gardens with river_of_. I think we used to go quite often when I was little, but I hadn't been there for years.
We went to look at the science festival's exhibits (not very exciting), wandered round the glasshouses, and then went into a dark bit with lots of fish tanks. I'm not convinced fish are botanic, but they were cool - red ones, stripy ones, and hundreds of teeny tiny ones.
Then we went ouside and went to try and find the Cryptogamic garden, which we thought had something to do with puzzles, but turned out to be only to do with moss.
After that we found a convenient bench to sit on and drink juice and eat bonbons, and were joined by cblgg1. We went to look at the Chinese Hillside, which has cool waterfalls, discussed the evils of rhododendrons, and then were chased by rain into the cafe where coffee and cakes (well, biscuits) were consumed, and such things as gunshot wounds and methods of committing suicide were discussed. Also random geekery, competence, and poisonous animals of Australia (where we confused river_of_ by quoting The Last Continent at him), so it wasn't quite all gory.

Then we wandered back towards town (discussing the disposal of bodies), and river_of_ went home and cblgg1 and I went to see The Return of the King.
Which was, well, stunning - more or less literally, since I still felt slightly dazed all the way home, although that might have had something to do with not having had any dinner.
Almost perfect (with one major-ish and a few minor exceptions - anyone who read the last post can probably guess my main objection).

I suppose I now have to see the extended versions...
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