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Oh yes...

I forgot to say how my good and sociable weekend started, and I don't want albanach to feel neglected.

On Friday I was in a bad mood, partly because the other girl there got to leave early after having already randomly taken most of a week off, and they insisted I stayed around because there was work for me to do and then didn't give me any.
Anyway, I cheered up a bit, with the help of a present from my work and a Crunchie easter egg delivered with our stationery order, and was allowed to leave about noon.

After that I went home, spodded more than I was supposed to and filled in an application form which I then had to deliver to Edinburgh. Having got that far, I randomly decided to go and turn up at albanach's office bearing ice cream (he was famous for keeping the office supplied with ice cream when I was working there last year, but had been saying earlier he hadn't had any for ages). Since it was quite late on Good Friday only he and his boss were there, which was good, because there were three ice creams. He was meant to be going to drink beer with a friend, and I was meant to be going home for dinner, but this somehow didn't happen, and we went back to his for dinner and beer instead, where I was a very bad guest and read bits of books and nearly fell asleep. But it was nice, for me anyway :)

Then I went home (to my parents') and played Trivial Pursuit with various family members and got in much trouble for fidgeting in noisy ways.
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