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Quiet weekend

(I'm not sure I've remember to post much about my weekends, but after the LOTR weekend it went: one in Oban, one with wedding reception/Dundee/St Andrews, one in Aberdeen, one on the Waverley. Last weekend was less hectic but still fairly sociable, and next weekend I'm off to Aberdeen again.)

This weekend I had not very much planned, although you could say that it was only quiet compared to the hectic weekends :)

Friday night I was at a ceilidh that was being organised by one of the girls from the dance club - it was a good crowd, but I didn't stay all that long as I was tired from being not led astray the night before.

Saturday I went to visit my Gramma, since I hadn't been for weeks due to being busy, and it's her birthday on Wednesday. This was not particularly exciting. I'm not sure what I did at night. Maybe vililee knows.

Today I thought I was going to the zoo with dreema and nirikina, but they decided they'd had enough of Edinburgh for one weekend, so instead I had a bath and spent a good bit of the afternoon reading papers and sitting out in the sun and trying to do the skeleton crossword. Then I got bored and pestered cblgg1 until he agreed to come out and play with me, so we went to Starbucks in Waterstones so I could be introduced to Frappuchinos (mmmm, Strawberries and Cream :) ), and then sat on the grass in Princes Street Gardens and talked for a while as the shadows lengthened around us.
Now I have to go back to Glasgow again.

I think I'm tired of Mondays.
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