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what I did at the weekend, part two

Sunday was an adventure which I'd been looking forward to for ages. The Scottish Country Dance group at St Andrews uni runs a ceilidh every year in St Andrews castle, which makes a lovely setting, and lots of people go, including a group from Glasgow. And it's fun.
This year we made it even more of an adventure, by going to a place called Craigton Country Park beforehand. This is a good place, with rowing boats, and a miniature railway, and things to climb on, and lots of trees and grass and other good things.

We were supposed to be meeting at 12 at the university gates, only because of not going to sleep, this didn't quite happen. Still, I got on the minibus eventually (it came looking for me), and we headed towards St Andrews, with bubbles and pirate eye patches and other odd things. The journey was fun, we talked lots of rubbish, and devised new dances, and made plans for swords and things, and made orange origami. There was also very wobbly and very alcoholic gin and lime jelly. This was all good.
Eventually we got to St Andrews (which is far away), and we bought food. Then we headed off towards Craigton, and after a bit of confusion due to my navigating (the main road out of st andrews, which I told the driver to take, is actually the one towards dundee/cupar, and not the one heading for the forth bridge which I thought it was), we got there.
It was a very sunny day, which was good - quite often when you try to do things outside it isn't.
Because there were so many of us, the nice person on the gate let as in as lots of families, even though we were all (supposedly) grown up. This was good :)
Once inside, we sat down on some grass to finish eating our food, and then we tried dancing on the grass - this was sort of difficult, as we had no music, but we found out that our newly devised dance nearly works :)
After that we wandered off to the rowing boats, but there was a very long queue, so some of us (including me) wandered back toward the playground, which is very cool, and nearly all made of wood. The flying fox was broken, which was disappointing, but there are lots of other things to climb up and over and between, and swing on and slide down and all the things that are good to do in playparks. The way it's laid out, there's a sort of trail you can follow round, with bits of log as stepping stones between things, so we decided to play follow my leader, with the idea being to touch the ground as little as possible. This is where I git my very good bruise, as I tried to jump onto a sort of fence thing, slipped, scraped and banged my knee, and ended up dangling over the thing by my middle instead of standing on it. This was silly, but amusing, and it didn't hurt at the time, although my knee got sore as the bruise came up. It's now big and brown with purple streaks, although already faded a bit from how it was yesterday.
After that, we went and found some grass to play on, and the others played frisbee while I started making daisychains, then went and joined in. When we got tired of frisbee, we started doing cartwheels and handstands and all the things that are irresistible when you have lots of soft grass.
After a while, all the other people came and joined us, and all the energetic people started playing ultimate frisbee - I was the 11th person and got left out, which I didn't mind too much - I made more daisy chains :) Then they announced that the park was going to close, and the facilities were closing, which was disappointing, because the people who didn't get on boats had meant to go back later, and we didn't get a chance. Still, we stayed there for quite a while longer, and went back to the playpark, where I went down a slide headfirst for the first time in many years. Then we headed towards St Andrews again.
In St Andrews, we went to a pub, to get a drink and give people a chance to change for the ceilidh in the toilets, then some people headed towards the castle, and some people headed towards more food. Armed with icecream and chocolate (and whatever the rest of them bought) we then headed to the ceilidh.
The ceilidh itself was ok - it's a very good setting, but there are always a *lot* of people there, and a fairly large proportion who either can't dance or don't listen to what they're told to do ;) I danced a fair amount, because it was too cold to stand about, but nothing like every dance, and I wandered round and looked at interesting bits of castle, and met various people I knew, including Ian, who gave me photos he'd taken at our ball.
After the ceilidh ended, when it got dark, there was a torchlight procession, but it wasn't as good as last year, as the pier was closed and we couldn't process down it. After that, and an argument about whether we were allowed to keep the unburned parts of our torches to use at a later date, we set off towards a different pub, where the rest of the dance clubs were meant to be going, although we turned out to be more or less the first people there. In the pub, we played Uno in a very unsociable way (the bar in the union, which we usually go to, has trivial pursuit and other games, and we've lost the art of conversation), and I occasionally wandered off to talk to other people I knew - Ian had gone, which was annoying, as I hadn't seen him since IVFDF. Then eventually we left, and after a bit of discussion as to whether people were doing to go and jump in the sea or not (we didn't), we headed home. And I was half asleep by the time we got there, and went to bed without even turning the computer on :)
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