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Quiz stolen from vililee who stole it from marnanel who got it from someone else.

kindergarten teacher's name - Can't remember. My mother would know, but she's asleep.
first grade teacher's name - Mrs Macpherson. She was lovely and nice, and got a drawing pin in her eye.
second grade teacher's name - Mrs Macpherson again.
third grade teacher's name - Mrs Munro. She was less nice, but I was in a hut instead of a real classroom.
fourth grade teacher's name - Mrs Munro again, but back into the main building.
fifth grade's teacher's name - Miss Skene.
(Miss Skene again in primary 6, then Mrs Norrie and Mrs Ainslie (both lovely, but Mrs Norrie was scary too) in primary 7)
last words spoken - '90 please' on the bus, or 'ow' when i went over on my ankle, or something i said to myself.
last song sung - Bits of something off 'this is the story'. Probably 'I went to the animal fair' if it has to be something i sang right through.

in cd player - Here - the proclaimers, this is the story. Computer in glasgow (where i listen to music most often) - runrig, the stamping ground. CD player in glasgow - best of the eagles. and mara (runrig again) in the tape deck. I looked earlier while looking for something else.
on feet - Nothing
under bed - fluff. I removed all the books, but there are usually many.
time you got up - before 11, but not enough before.
time it is now - 00:27

you want to go to - bed. and tarbert, and as many places as i possibly can without neglecting the ones I love already.
ideal job - Don't know.
probable job - crap.
you want to live (place) - tarbert. And glasgow and edinburgh as well. all at once. Geography sucks :)
number of children you want - less than 5
kind of car - a bicycle :)

mood - sleepy but bouncy
music - This is the Story :)
taste - throatgunk :(
hair - needing washed
attire - blue jeans, black top with tigger on it.
annoyance - sniffliness, and sore legs.
smell - room. I have a cold, but there isn't much smell about anyway.
longing - not telling ;)
desktop image - greenness
fav. music artist - runrig :)
toenail color - nailcoloured atm, but they were gold, and i keep meaning to paint them silver.
crush - no one serious, that i can think of. Or not that I'm telling :)
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