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Jen is something one learns rather than something one is born with.
Jen is wicked tired now, and she must log off.
Jen is the coolest person ever. I think that everyone should give Jen a lot of money because that is a really really fun thing to do.
My friend Jen is in the background, and that person's back to the left is my old girlfriend.
Jen is an eighteen year old currently residing in Mizunami, Japan, as an exchange student at Reitaku Mizunami High School.
Jen is back from her travels abroad, and will be updating the site more regularly.
Journeys With Jen is a collection of reflections of those I have already passed through and contemplation of those that are waiting for me.
Rule #1, Jen is an exceptional person who is to be worshipped and adored at all times.
#2, Jen is always special.
#3, Jen is frequently up to something.
(Rules of Jen!)
Jen is an original glass artist working in and around Melbourne, Australia. ...
Jen is 11
Jen is continuing to play around the London area and forthcoming dates will be posted here so come back and check regularly
Jen is creative catalyst for interartiface, a multimedia design consultancy specialising in web environments for education and the arts.
Jen is Anton's neighbour and long time, good friend.
Jen is a fantastic lady yall!!!
Jen is a city girl, forced to come live in Capeside with her grandparents after her parents caught her having sex on their bed.
Jen is one of nine Points of Light Youth Engaged in Service (YES) Ambassadors nation-wide.
Jen is 22. And she melts when she hears Maxwell's sexy voice.
Jen is wrong btw.
Jen is a little newer to the boating industry, but is enjoying it tremendously.
Jen is a Chinese letter meaning 'goodness' and 'humanity',
Jen is described as the highest human achievement through self-cultivation in ethics.
Jen is an avid reader and researcher of history who enjoys learning about the past.
Jen is also the Australian head of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Ilustrators.
Jen is all smiles, as usual.
Jen is also available to see students who have a timetable clash at this time, if you make an appointment via email first.
Jen is too sweet for words, she has always come through for me.
Jen is at it again.
Today Jen is twenty-eight years old, and living in Albany, Georgia.
Jen is definitively our hero with superior power and intellect, who relentlessly searches for identity, meaning, freedom, and love.
Jen is working on several other projects.
Jen is a Penn State graduate with a bachelor's degree in Kinesiology.
Wacky Jen is a shrewd social engineer, and this gives her considerable confidence.
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